sábado, 25 de outubro de 2014

A short history to practicing :D

Last year, in December, I was in Porto Alegre to watch "Matriz Skate Pro" that is a skateboard's event with people from Brazil and from around world. This event happened all day with camp, the music, movies and presentation. When night started, I was hoping to go to the party from this event. I was with my friend Jackson and his girlfriend, Caroline. We were in different places and scheduled to arrive at the night. I told them that I would call after taking shower. When I was searching to my cellphone I didn't find and was afraid because I was in a different city without my cellphone. However, I search for a public telephone and called my mother to explain my situation. During the conversation, when I was talking my mother to try calling Jackson to warm about my situation then a friend passed in front me. I didn't believe this and screamed her name. She didn't believe too. I explained to her my situation and she invited me to go a party. I agreed, because I was lost in Porto Alegre. I called again my mother to warn Jackson that I was in a party and went with Vanessa, my friend. By 2 pm I was drunk in the party when Jackson and Caroline appeared and I stayed pretty happy! My mother had manager to my friend and saved my weekend in Porto Alegre! :D

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